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  • Check made out to "Treasurer Virginia Tech" for the proper amount.
  • Note with a list of models being ordered and how you prefer them to be sent.
  • Mail to:
    Patrick C. Green
    Dept. of Forest Res. and Environ. Conservation
    304 Cheatham Hall, 310 West Campus Drive (0324)
    Virginia Tech
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Latest growth and yield modeling projects for Windows:

  • PTAEDA - Simulation of Individual Tree Growth, Stand Development and Economic Evaluation in Loblolly Pine Plantations. Newest Version for Professional Foresters including stand visualization capabilities. 
  • GYST - Growth and yield model implementation shell. 
  • FASTLOB - Growth and yield model for fertilized and selectively thinned loblolly pine plantations.  
  • TAUYIELD - Stand-level growth and yield model for cutover, site-prepared stands (with financial analysis package).  Version 3.0 recently updated from Version 2.0.

Other products developed by the Cooperative:

Loblolly Pine Models

  • TRULOB - Individual-tree growth and yield model for cutover, site-prepared stands. 
  • ECONHDWD - computer program for assessing the economic consequences of vegetation management on the pine component of unthinned loblolly pine plantations. 
  • NATLOB - computer program to predict growth and yield of unthinned, natural stands of loblolly pine. 
  • PCWTHIN - computer program to do financial analyses on predicted growth and yield of thinned and unthinned old-field loblolly pine plantations. 

Other Species

  • G-HAT - system of computer programs used to predict growth and yield of Appalachian mixed hardwoods after thinning. 
  • YPOP - Stand-level growth and yield model for thinned stands of yellow-poplar.