PTAEDA4.0: Simulation of Individual Tree Growth, Stand Development and Economic Evaluation in Loblolly Pine Plantations.

PTAEDA4.0 is a growth and yield model for professional foresters that provides yield estimates in tons to various merchantability limits for pulpwood, chip-and-saw, and sawtimber product categories. Significant enhancements over the base model include the capability to input directly the diameter distribution of an existing stand along with the percent of trees in each diameter class that are defective. This capability is essential for accurate segregation of volumes by product class and for accurate projections of future volumes. In addition, a graphical thinning capability has been added so that selection of trees to be thinned is completely flexible. Linked to the Stand Visualization System (SVS) developed by the Forest Service, version 4.0 provides a year-by-year visualization of the stand development process.

Developed in conjunction with Paul Teter, Forester, LLC version 4.0 can be a valuable tool for  helping professional foresters manage loblolly pine plantations in the South.

Download a Demonstration Version

   To download a free demonstration version:

  • Click PTAEDA4.0 to start downloading.
  • With your web browser select "save this program to disk".
  • Run the file saved in step 2 by double clicking it. The setup utility starts.
  • The demonstration version site index is fixed at 50 feet.

The executable computer code for Windows operating systems can be obtained for $295.00. To place an order or obtain additional information, contact

PTAEDA4.0 user manual
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