G-HAT2.0 is a computer program for predicting growth and yield of Appalachian mixed hardwoods after thinning.

     Inputs to the model are:
          -tree list or stand table by species and diameter class
          -site index
          -stand basal area before thinning

     Outputs include:
          -trees per acre by species
          -merchantable volume per acre by species
          -optional biomass predictions for above-ground tree components by species and diameter class

G-HAT2.0 is a distance independent individual tree growth and yield model developed around individual tree, species-specific growth equations.  Given a tree list or stand table, along with inputs of stand age and site index, G-HAT software applies the species-specific individual tree equations to predict tree basal area increment and total tree height for the residual stand after thinning.  Projections can be made for one to ten years following thinning.  Cubic foot volumes based on desired merchantability standards may be obtained for thinned trees, the residual stand, and the projected stand. Optionally, biomass estimates for stems, branches and foliage can be obtained.

A detailed manual documenting the modeling methodology and containing a users guide to the software is available at no charge.  The Windows application software is available for $75.

Download a Demonstration Version  

To download a demonstration version:
  • Click GHAT to start downloading.
  • With your web browser select "save this program to disk".
  • Run the file saved in step 2 by double clicking it. The setup utility starts.
  • Run the demo program in the destination directory of step 3.
  • The demonstration version site index is set to 70.   

A detailed users manual is available with the Demo version. The executable computer code for Windows can be obtained for $75. To place an order or obtain additional information, contact pcgreen7@vt.edu.

GHAT user manual

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