ECONHDWD is a computer program for assessing the economic consequences of vegetation management on the pine component of unthinned loblolly pine plantations.

     Stand inputs to the model are:
          -number of loblolly pine trees per acre planted
          -site index (base age 25)
          -percent of hardwood basal area in the main canopy of the stand
          -age at which hardwood reduction occurs
          -age at which output is desired
          -merchantability and conversion limits
     Economic inputs to the model include:
          -stumpage prices for pulpwood and sawtimber
          -stand establishment costs
          -harvesting, hauling and maintenance costs
     Outputs include:
          -stand and stock tables with and without hardwood control
          -estimates of the volume in hardwood pulpwood
          -economic analysis tables for comparing with and without control regimes

ECONHDWD was developed using 189 old-field and 186 cutover, site-prepared plantation plots and validated with independent data ranging in percent basal are in hardwood from 0 to 100 percent. For a specified pulpwood or sawlog
regime, an economic analysis can be obtained which includes net and gross harvest value, net present value, internal rate of return and the marginal rate of return on the hardwood reduction operation.  

Download a Demonstration Version (Windows only)

  • Click ECONHDWD to start downloading. (292k)
  • With Internet Explorer select "save this program to disk" , choose a directory or the desktop to save to.
  • Run the file saved in step 2 by double clicking it. The self extraction utility starts.
  • From the menu choose SelfExtract/Extract Files, choose a destination directory (directory must already exist). Click Execute.
  • Run the demo program in the destination directory of step 4.
  • The demonstration version site index is set to 60.

A detailed users manual is available at no charge. The executable computer code for Windows can be obtained for $95.00. To place an order or obtain additional information, contact

Econhdwd user manual
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